Net Searcher

NetSearcher searches various resources for specific files. Additionally, it can search in files contents. It can search through networks, domains, computers or shared resources. NetSearcher allows you to view and search through all the shared resources that are hidden. It helps you save your time and money when you need to quickly find the information on your network. You might also be very surprised by the content of hidden shared resources on your network: a definite plus in your search!



NetSearcher can save identified network structure so that you could easily retrieve it if needed.

NetSearcher main features:

  • Searches through shared resources that are hidden
  • Searches for files on networks
  • Searches for files in a workgroup or domain
  • Searches for files on a computer or a separate shared resource
  • Obtains and saves the network tree to facilitate navigation
  • Search in files contents
  • Ensures a fast, multithreaded search


System requirements:

  •   Windows(R) NT/2000/XP/2003
  •   1 MB of free disk space




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