Sessions Monitor

SessionsMonitor allows you to control active network sessions on your or remote computer and see which files are opened on your or remote computer through the network. SessionsMonitor enables you to close sessions or open files if necessary.



Also it sends e-mail notifications and daily reports and can generate web-based report, so if you setup a Web server you can view the report remotely!

Note that the DEMO version does not save log file related to users who visited your PC and opened files.

SessionsMonitor main features:

  • Monitors current active sessions on your or remote computer (the task bar indicator starts flashing if a new user connects to your PC).
  • Shows the users and computers names, as well as opened files.
  • Allows you to close active sessions and open files.
  • Saves the users activities, including the names of files that were opened.
  • Sends e-mail notifications and daily report.
  • Generates web-based report


The advantages of saving log files are as follows:

  • Full information about users’ activities on your PC, anytime.
  • Guarantee that you will not miss any user’s visit.


System requirements:

  • Windows(R) NT/2000/XP/2003
  • 500 KB of free disk space




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