Your Folder

YourFolder allows you to control changes in a folder and perform predefined actions like:

The advantages of saving log files are as follows:

  • Synchronize with other folder.
  • Copy/Backup files to an other folder or FTP server.
  • Monitor for new files (sends E-mails).
  • Delete files by mask (e.g. *.avi).



YourFolder is very useful in cases when you have public or shared folders, like FTP or HTTP service or just a network share. YourFolder also sends email notifications!

YourFolder main features:

  • Synchronizes folders
  • Copies/Backups folders content
  • Copies/Backups folders content to a FTP server
  • Monitors for new/deleted files
  • Deletes undesirable files by specified mask
  • Works with network shares


System requirements:

  • Windows(R) NT/2000/XP/2003
  • 500 KB of free disk space




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